The Ashok Jewellers collection is exhibited at the Royal Palm Hotel in Umhlanga Ridge, to be viewed at your leisure and appreciated. We boast an exquisite range of handcrafted jewellery manufactured in our own workshop to exacting standards, specifications and excellence. Having our own workshop ensures we produce products without incuring extra costs to our clients. Our clients are assured of value for money and quality without compromise.


Mr. Ashok Shah believes and stands by this quote which is family motto:
“There is magic within every woman, a creative genius that never fails to amaze me. I simply bring out the best of this magic into the physical world creating a magnificent piece of jewellery that embodies the spirit of the woman it was created for. The splendor and the glory belong to the wearer who chooses a special occasion to present her unique dream jewellery piece. A single priviliged moment that could take days, weeks or even months to plan comes alive on the wearer. It is an honour for me to contribute to that moment.”


We pride ourselves on personalised service excellence focused on creating long lasting relationships with our clientele and serving them to the best of our ability meeting their design and manufacturing needs, insuring a lifetime of friendship, support and loyalty.


Ashok Jewellers is the “brainchild” of Mr. Ashok Shah. He is the visionary creator of the timeless collections at their showroom. Ashok Shah, under the guidance of his father, Mr. Manilall Shah, a master craftsman of 60 years, has been able to learn and perfect his passion for beautiful jewellery manufacturing. This passion and drive to be the best has earned them the reputation of being one of the best craftsmen in the industry. An innovative new edition to the team comes in the form of Ashok Shah’s daughter, dynamo Yuvati Shah who has added her modern flair to the original masterpieces of their showroom.


We stock an exclusive range of platinum, gold, diamond and tanzanite and gemstone jewellery. We have developed from a traditionalist jeweller to a multi-skilled jeweller catering for a diversity of tastes. We stock classic jewellery for the tradition client and modern jewellery for the trendy client. Ashok Jewellers is renowned for our unique designer bridal jewellery, all crafted with special attention, passion and precision.


We offer a specialised one on one jewellery design service where a client with specific taste and requirements can liaise with our designers and create their own unique jewellery piece exclusive to them.

41 Years in Business


Ashok Shah


Ashok Shah


Ashok Shah


Designs & Workshop

At ASHOK JEWELLERS, our artistic expert designers ensure that the jewellery we create is timeless. Our designers draw from the client’s vision and their creativity to create a piece of jewellery that is awe-inspiring. Egged on by the beauty and fire of exceptional quality gemstones, creating a new design is a pleasurable experience for the designer and wearer.

Jewellery manufactured at the ASHOK JEWELLERS WORKSHOP is handcrafted to superior standards making every jewellery item a work of art. Each unique jewellery item made requires hours of dedicated labour to create a vision of beauty. Our master craftsmen and women are passionate about their trade and after valuable years of training and experience are able to produce extraordinary pieces of jewellery. They are valued members of the ASHOK JEWELLERS team.

Ashok Shah's Vision

“I don’t create jewellery,” says Ashok Shah.

A strange statement coming from the man whose jewellery has made him famous, and earned him the reputation of a master jeweller.

“The creations which carry my name are creations of my clientele” he explains .” There is magic within every women . A creative genius which never fails to amaze me. I simply bring out the best of that magic into the physical world .And yes, the result … magnificent jewellery. But in all honesty, I cannot say I have created it”

“The glory belongs to the wearer, and she usually chooses a very special occasion to let the world discover that exquisite dream within her. A single privileged moment which often takes months, even years to plan for. Quite frankly, it’s an honour for me to contribute to that moment.”