Our History

[vc_row][vc_column][woodmart_timeline item_style=”shadow” line_color=”#4823dd”][woodmart_timeline_breakpoint title=”1976″ color_bg=”#4823dd”][woodmart_timeline_item position=”full-width” title_primary=”The beginning of an era” color_bg=”#424242″]Ashok Shah, eldest grandson took on the family trade and tradition and joined the jewellery industry at the young age of 15. Ashok Shah joined J Hind Jewellers in 1976, which was owned and managed by his father, Mr. M.M Shah who began working in the jewellery industry also by the age of 15. Mr. M.M Shah established J Hind Jewellers in 1953. Ashok, his son was later employed as a diamond setter and engraver, and it is during this period, his passion for jewellery making grew and he gained immense experience in the trade.[/woodmart_timeline_item][woodmart_timeline_breakpoint title=”1981″ color_bg=”#4823dd”][woodmart_timeline_item position=”full-width” title_primary=”Treasure Box Jewellers establishment” color_bg=”#424242″]Ashok ventured out on his own and established Treasure Box Jewellers. This became his pride and joy as he developed his own clientele for the next 10 years. He was at the time, the youngest to establish a business of his own in the industry in Durban. Still a partner in J Hind Jewellers, Ashok assisted in purchasing, sorting and diamond setting. Apart from managing his own business, Ashok created a name for himself in the industry by his involvement in trade work. The word of his versatility and talent grew and with it grew his business.[/woodmart_timeline_item][woodmart_timeline_breakpoint title=”1990″ color_bg=”#4823dd”][woodmart_timeline_item position=”full-width” title_primary=”An increase in determination” color_bg=”#424242″]Determined to be massive success, he found he wanted to grow his own business. He wanted to realize his personal ambitions and needs. He wished to create a stronger relationship with his clientele and build a lifetime of happy, loyal clients, as this is essential to any business.[/woodmart_timeline_item][woodmart_timeline_breakpoint title=”1991″ color_bg=”#4823dd”][woodmart_timeline_item position=”full-width” title_primary=”Ashok Jewellers establishment” color_bg=”#424242″]Ashok Jewellers was established. The goal was to continue to design and manufacture jewellery pieces specializing in the finest quality and workmanship coupled with service excellence. Having his own workshop ensured that quality was not compromised. All jewellery pieces were designed, manufactured and retailed by us.[/woodmart_timeline_item][woodmart_timeline_breakpoint title=”2002″ color_bg=”#4823dd”][woodmart_timeline_item position=”full-width” title_primary=”New Store at The Crescent Shopping Centre” color_bg=”#424242″]Wanting to expand the business even further, Ashok secured a shop at The Crescent Shopping Centre, Umhlanga Ridge. He introduced his sibling, Yuvati as a designer and full time on site manager at the shop.

The company has grown from strength to strength as new clientele, previously unaware of our business and the quality of products we retail, have ventured into our store and stayed loyal to us.

We have a fully equipped workshop that will produce quality jewellery for the proposed business. Highly skilled professional jewellers operate the modern technology. Highly skilled professional jewellers operate the modern technology.[/woodmart_timeline_item][woodmart_timeline_breakpoint title=”2008″ color_bg=”#4823dd”][woodmart_timeline_item position=”full-width” title_primary=”New Store at the Royal Palm Hotel” color_bg=”#424242″]Opened new concept store at the Royal Palm Hotel. The store combines the two passions and visions of the owner, an upmarket luxury jewellery showroom with an indulgent day spa.[/woodmart_timeline_item][/woodmart_timeline][/vc_column][/vc_row]